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Termal Hotel, which was begun to be costructed in 2003, is 'T' shaped. The construction of the hotel according to its prototype. 8 Suit 54 Standart Room.


Plane Tree Hotel
Çınar Hotel is a second-degree historical architecture which was built in the late 19th century and restored according to its original architecture in 1982. This hotel has a capacity of 36 beds and 17 rooms, 1 of which is a suit. There's a classically decorated lobby and a saminar room for 150 people also.

This hotel was named with the inspiration of the two centenarian plane-tree in its yard. There is a cafe ( Çınar Cafe) under this plane-tree and in the middle of the Çınar Hotel. Additionaly, in Çınar, there's an eight-cabined bath downstairs.


Our Apart Hotels
We have 12 apart hotel flats in our facility , 2 of which are very luxuriously furnished. Besides the standart equipments in other hotel rooms ; air-conditioner, satellite receiver, white-goods / furnitures are also available.
ÇAMLIK HOTEL [ Pine Grove Hotel ] Çamlık Hotel was composed of Eski Güney 1 and Güney 2 Hotels, which were restored in 1984. Çamlık Hotel has a capacity of 83 rooms with 166 beds and a total of 8 suits, 5 of which are mini.Television and double channel music are available in each room. There are 18 private-cabined thermal water baths downstairs and a lobby-bar at the disposal of our hotel guests.These cabins are free 24 hours for our customers who undergo thermal water therapy. A Nice Day In Thermal In the morning, you wake up with the company of the birds' singing and the melody of the woods. After taking a warm shower, you can have a breakfast or hike in the woods breathing the fresh air. Early in the morning, you can take pleasure of the open-air hot spring water swimming pool or go for a walk or ride bicycle around the picnic areas and then have lunch in Metal Trout Restaurant or Ortanca Pizza and Pita Salon. The very first thing you should do after having lunch is to drink a cup of hot tea or a cold drink in the shadow of the centenary plane tree. In order to burn the calories you can walk to Üvezpınar Waterfall or join one of the organizations to see the natural masterpieces of Thermal and the relics of Byzantium. You can also ride a horse in the countryside of Akköy and Ortaburun or ride a bicycle on tough paths. While growing impatient for dinner you can liven up in one of the historical hammams and enjoy the massage therapy of our experienced masseurs. Having been relaxed, you can have your dinner in Çamlık Hotel's live music restaurant. Besides the hiking destinations, and jogging tracks in and around the Üvezpınar Waterfall, bicycle tours and excursions to the world-wide-known Sudüşen Waterfall and Delmece Plateau are also quite popular. The organizations are classified as accommodated and camp-centered. You can stay in the facility and make daily visits or camp and take advantage of the hot springs. powered by Bilişim Park