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This pool is 22m at lenght, 11m at width and 1.65m in depth. The pool is filled with the healing Thermal hot spring water, at a temperature of 38C. It is continuously disinfected and periodically cleaned.


This bath was built by the Emperor of Byzantium, Justinian 17 centuries ago. Subsequently, in 1900, the bath was restored by Sultan Abdulhamit, as it had been buried into the ground in time. ‘Kurşunlu’ means ‘leaded’ in Turkish; the dome of this bath is lead-covered.

There’s a swimming pool and a sauna inside of the bath for limitless use. Moreover, an excellent message therapy by our expert masseuses and masseures is available.


There are 26 private baths for families in Sultan Bath. There are marble bathtubs and basins in each bath. (These baths are hourly rated)


Valide Bath was built by the Byzantium Emperor Constantine 1600 years ago. It was last restored by Sultan Abdulmecit and the name of the bath is his mother Bezm-i Alem’s name for she had found healing in here. This historical bath with its distinctive architectural structure, has special divisions for men and women.


There are ten sunken marble bathtubs for families. A sıra bath consists of a cabin, a changing room and a bath room.


The water of Yalova Thermal Hot Springs is in the class of mixed thermomineral waters with calcium, sulphate and fluorine. Its mineralization is about 1500 mg/L. It is colorless, clear and mildly sweet. In 1911, Yalova Thermal Hot Springs won the prize of ‘Best Hot Spring With Beneficial Water’ in a competition held in Rome.

The bath cure of Yalova Thermal Hot Springs is especially good for rheumatic diseases. It’s been reported by Istanbul Universty main branch of medical ecology and hydraclimatology that this water helps the treatment of rheumatic diseases and arthiritis, besides raising the pain threshold. This water can also be used as drinking cure for the preventation of teeth decays, functional stomach and intestine diseases such as constipation and indolance of gall bladder.

Suggested methods and dosages for bath cures:

  • Bathing Period 15 - 20 - 30 minutes
  • Warmth 34 - 35, 36 - 38, 38 - 40, 40 - 42 C
  • Daily Repetition 1 or 2 day
  • Total Repetition 15 - 20 / cures
  • Total Cure Period 2 - 4 weeks
  • Bathing Method Full - Half - Extremity
  • Bath Type Pool - Bathtub
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