Thermal promises an endless peace with its numerous posibilities in one resort. It includes Çınar Hotel, 12 apart hotel flats (2 of which are luxuriously furnished) and Thermal Hotel . Also, Kurşunlu Sauna-Hammam which was c ontructed in the period of Byzantium; Valide Bath constructed by Sultan Abdulmecid for his mother 'Valide Sultan' ; 26 private-cabined Sultan Bath; and the special Thermal Sauna and Hot Water Units are at the disposal of our visitors.

The healing hot water is good for rheumatic diseases, digestion system diseases, liver and gallbladder diseases, metabolic obesity, gout, kidney and ureter diseases, skin diseases, the diseases following orthopedic operations, gynecologic diseases and all types of convalescence period diseases. The healing hot water has been analyzed and approved by İstanbul University.

Hammams and baths have been the main buildings of many civilizations and, thus, places whose water is drinkable in its natural chemical structure have always been searched. Thermal is a place to find healing, physical and sipiritual comfort, to soak out the tightness of muscles.

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